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List of Important Links/Downloads

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1 Purchase Procedure OPEN LINK
2 Delegation of Financial Powers to Cultural, NSS & Sports Co-ordinators OPEN LINK
3 Honorarium_TA_DA_Bill OPEN LINK
7 Campus Brochure 2020-21 OPEN LINK
8 Fee Circular for the students of IKGPTU Amritsar Campus for the session July-Dec 2021 OPEN LINK
9 Scholarship Schemes 2021-22 OPEN LINK
10 IKGPTU Scholarship Scheme 2016-17 OPEN LINK
11 IKGPTU Scholarship Scheme 2018-19 OPEN LINK
12 IKGPTU Scholarship Scheme 2019-20 OPEN LINK
13 IKGPTU Freeship Scheme 2019-20 OPEN LINK
14 IKGPTU Scholarship Scheme 2020-21 OPEN LINK
15 IKGPTU Scholarship Scheme 2017-18 OPEN LINK
16 Constitution of Committee to monitor the Code of Conduct OPEN LINK
17 Code of Conduct OPEN LINK
18 Code of Conduct - IKGPTU Amritsar OPEN LINK
19 IKGPTU Amritsar - Best Practices OPEN LINK
20 Fee Circular - (Jan-June 2022) OPEN LINK
21 Fee Circular - July to December 2022 OPEN LINK
22 Circular regarding last date of Punjab Govt. Post Matric Scholarship 2022-23 OPEN LINK
23 Regarding Submission of Documents related with PMS Scheme OPEN LINK
24 Notice regarding PMS students for the session 2022-23 OPEN LINK
25 Extend Date of Post Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities & Merit Cum Means Scholarship For Professional and Technical Courses CS OPEN LINK
26 Circular PMS Students OPEN LINK
27 Action plan for Gender Equity OPEN LINK
28 Facilities provided for women OPEN LINK
29 Annual report of the celebrations and commemorative events OPEN LINK
30 Best Practice OPEN LINK
31 Best Practice document OPEN LINK
32 Feedback Analysis Report OPEN LINK
33 Supporting documents OPEN LINK
34 IKGPTU Fee Structure - Session 2024-25 OPEN LINK
35 Eligibility Criteria Notification - Session 2024-25 OPEN LINK